In Illinois - Debate About Transgender People Changing Sex On Birth Certificate

Apr 11, 2016

In Illinois, House bill 6073 would make it so transgender people can change the sex designation on their birth certificate without having to have reassignment surgery. Proponents of the measure say it's a needed change since not all trans people want the surgery, and many who do can't afford it. 

Meanwhile opponents, like Laurie Higgins of the Illinois family Institute, say the measure would subordinate "objective truths" - like biological sex. We spoke with her to hear more about her position:

People like Eli Valentin, a 26 year old transgender man and graphic designer from Chicago, have testified in support of the measure. Valentin says he's unsure that surgery is right for him, but he's on hormones and has had other forms of ID change from female to male. He explains why being able to change his birth certificate is important to him: