"How We Survive": suggested reading on climate change adaptation

May 13, 2019

In addition to sharing our coverage of climate change adaptation on "Marketplace Tech," we also want to highlight great writing, important documents and interesting facets of the bigger conversations in play. Here you’ll find work we’ve mentioned in our podcast or come across in our reporting for “How We Survive.”

MIT Technology Review dedicates its latest issue entirely to climate change mitigation and adaptation, with insights on cooling the ocean, fighting wildfires in Australia and more.

Our series will also cover, as we often do on "Marketplace Tech," the uneven distribution of tech to adapt to climate change and whether the most vulnerable communities have access to it and funding for it. To that end, Boston's WBUR details fears of "green gentrification" as that city works to become more resilient to flooding and sea-level rise.

Yet at a recent meeting of the Arctic Council, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seemed to frame melting sea ice as a positive development for international shipping. The eight-member group issued a short statement instead of more powerful formal resolution, reportedly due to U.S. reluctance around language on climate change. Pompeo denied blame.

In April the Environmental Protection Agency published this 150-page document telling local governments to start planning now for debris removal after disasters, given that extreme weather across the country is expected to increase.