House Votes To Limit New Specialty License Plates

Apr 21, 2015

Illinois has 109 different specialty plates.
Credit Illinois Secretary of State

Illinois drivers may see their future options for specialty license plates become more limited.

A proposal moving in the legislature would prevent any new groups from creating specialty plates and instead allow them to sell a sticker. The causes would still get revenue.

Rep. John D'Amico, a Democrat from Chicago, says the change will also help identify vehicles and provide less confusion for law enforcement issuing tickets.

"It seems like we constantly have more and more plate bills come in before us, and everyone of them is a great cause and you can't not support them," D'Amico said.

The measure passed the House, but one lawmaker, Democratic Rep. Will Davis, voted against it.

"I mean if we want to just cut out requesting specialty plates altogether, then let's just do that, versus creating a plate where you get a sticker," Davis said. "Some of the benefit to the specialty plate is the way it looks."

The proposal now goes to the Senate. Illinois has 109 different vehicle license plates.