House Adjourns For Good ... ?

Dec 3, 2014

Speaker Michael Madigan on the House's final day of the 98th General Assembly ... unless he and Senate Pres. John Cullerton agree to return for a special session, or the General Assembly is called into one by Gov. Pat Quinn, whose last full day in office is Jan. 13.
Credit Amanda Vinicky

The Illinois House has adjourned its two-year legislative session for good, without a vote on a minimum wage hike - meaning that Representatives will not be back in Springfield before Republican Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner takes over.  But backers of an increase are raising the possibility that the proposal isn't quite dead yet.

In Latin, "Sine Die" means “without a date," so when House Speaker Michael Madigan said "I move that we adjourn Sine Die," he meant that current makeup of the Illinois House was adjourning for good - with no intent to meet again.

At the very same time, the Senate was pressing ahead with its seemingly futile plan to raise the minimum wage. Without House consent there's no chance for a hike to become law. But Senate President John Cullerton says there are ways to bring the House back.

"The, two legislative leaders can call a legislative session, or the governor," Cullerton said.

Outgoing Gov. Pat Quinn (who, like both Madigan and Cullerton, is a Democrat) has said he wants the minimum wage raised before he leaves office, leading to rumors he'll call legislators back to Springfield.