Higher Ed Leader Says President's Plan Reflects Illinois Efforts

Sep 4, 2013

Dr. Harry Berman
Credit uis.edu

President Obama has plans for higher education in the U-S.  His ideas are a mix of old and new, aimed at keeping college affordable for students but also trying to raise the bar on quality of instruction.
In Illinois,  some of what the President wants is already part of the landscape.  For example, Illinois has moved toward tying a small portion of state funding to graduation rates and other metrics.  
The Illinois Board of Higher Education's Executive Director says some of the other changes the President is pushing won't be so easy.  

Dr.  Berman is retired from UIS, where he served as a longtime faculty member and was the Interim Chancellor for a period.  The IBHE is working to find the next Director.  Berman expects that will occur within the current academic year.