Hepatitis A Outbreaks Prompt Targeted Vaccination Effort In Illinois

Sep 13, 2018

Hepatitis A vaccines are free or being offered or at a reduced price at participating local health departments.
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The Illinois Department of Public Health said they are trying to prevent an outbreak of Hepatitis A after several neighboring states have experienced their own.

Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver spread through infected food or water – and it’s highly contagious. The Illinois Department of Public Health is trying to get in front of a potential outbreak in Illinois with a targeted vaccination effort.

Melaney Arnold with the health department said the most vulnerable populations are the homeless, men who have sex with men, and illegal drug users.

“Hepatitis A can be somewhat mild and you can have it last only a couple weeks, or it can be a serious illness and can last months,” she said. 

The IDPH has sent 1,300 doses of the vaccine to participating local health departments throughout the state. The shots are free or being offered at a reduced cost.