Heartland Ep. 1: What Does 'Spirituality' Mean Anyway?

Apr 16, 2016

Welcome to the new podcast where we create conversations about spirituality and how it intersects with everyday life. Check out the program page for a little more info, if you wish - but for now, let's dive right in.

For this first show we get to deconstructing the word "spirituality" and talk about what it really means in practice and everyday life. Our first two guests have their own interesting perspectives on that. Rev. John Shelby Spong is known as a progressive/liberal Christian author and theologian who has many criticisms of his own religion. Tune in and hear his own views on what God is.

Also we speak with Justina Schacht who owns Trailhead Healing Arts Center in Springfield. A major tragedy put her on a new path that resulted in the spiritual practices she teaches today ... that and much more, including a poetry/music recording from Ari Honarvar