Harmon To Remain Leader Of Illinois Senate Democrats

Dec 4, 2020

Sen. Don Harmon
Credit ilga

The Illinois Senate Democrats will keep their new leader in the new year. Don Harmon of Oak Park became Senate President earlier this year when former President John Cullerton retired.

Harmon’s caucus supported him during a private meeting Thursday.  

The Senate Democrats saw a drawn-out internal battle to replace Cullerton, but ultimately Harmon was elected. Since then, however, the caucus seems to have united behind him. There has been more churn in other caucuses.

Across the chamber, Senate Republicans replaced their leader after the election last month. And in the House, longtime Speaker Michael Madigan has lost key support among members after his name has become tied to a bribery scandal, even though he’s not been charged. 

Harmon has been in the state Senate since 2003.

The Senate Democrats increased their super-majority in last month’s election to 41 members. Republicans will hold the other 18 seats come January.