Extended Cut: A Look Inside A Russian Disinformation Campaign

Oct 26, 2020

Over the course of today’s hour “Anatomy Of An Election Disinformation Campaign,” we spoke with Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. Nina Jankowicz, our guest on today’s show, interviewed him for her book, “How to Lose an Information War,” about a 2016 referendum in the Netherlands over a trade agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

At the time, Kuleba was Ukraine’s Ambassador-at-Large for Strategic Communications. His job was to mount a public relations campaign in support of relations between Ukraine and the EU. At the same time, Russia mounted its own disinformation campaign targeting Dutch voters.

In this web exclusive, Kuleba walks us through this disinformation campaign, mistakes made by the media, and why democracies are particularly vulnerable to election interference.

In this diary … we hear from:

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, in conversation with On Point producer Dorey Scheimer.

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