Equity: Learning About The 'T' In LGBT

Oct 7, 2015

  People in the transgender community deserve the same rights as anyone else. So said more than 80 percent of respondents in a national survey conducted by the

University of Illinois Springfield Survey Research Office.

Jason Pierceson, an associate professor of political science at UIS, won a grant to learn more about attitudes toward transgender people and policies that impact them in areas including health care, education, the military and prisons. He was awarded a grant for a national survey on the subject. During a few days in the middle of July, more than 770 people were surveyed nationally.

Response was more positive in general than when it came to specific policy issues, he says. To find out more about the survey, go to www.uis.edu/surveyresearchoffice.

Pierceson recently talked about what the results of that survey say about attitudes toward transgender people in an interview with WUIS’ Maureen McKinney.