Education Insiders Oppose Property Tax Freeze

Jun 5, 2017

Credit Carter Staley / NPR Illinois

Will Illinois lawmakers actually pass a new school funding plan? We hear from three longtime education advocates (the nice word for lobbyists) who have been influencing reps and senators for years.


Diane Rutledge, executive director of LUDA, the Large Unit District Association, representing the largest 53 school districts (other than Chicago Public Schools)

Caryn Valadez, executive director of EdRed, Education Research & Development, representing about 90 districts in suburban Cook, Lake and DuPage Counties

Peg Agnos, working for LEND (Legislative Education Network of Dupage), SCOPE (South Cooperative Organization for Public Education representing south suburban Cook County and Will County); and Illinois High School District Association


  • Is purgatory the right word for May 31?

  • Is there a any chance that a new funding formula will become law?

  • Changing to a new formula is so difficult. Can’t we just tweak the one we’ve been using?

  • Both parties agree that Illinois should adopt the “evidence-based model,” so what’s everybody still fighting about?

  • Gov. Bruce Rauner wants a property tax freeze. Do suburban districts want one too?

  • Can you explain PTELL in 30 seconds?

  • Should  Chicago Public Schools get to keep its “block grant”?