Eastvold May Pursue Full Recount For 186 Election

May 3, 2013

  Katharine Eastvold lost her run for Springfield school board by a single vote about three weeks ago. But she’s not quite done fighting for the seat. A partial recount earlier this week found the votes had been accurately recorded. Donna Moore was declared the winner by only one vote in subdistrict 5. But it’s not yet over. The next step says Eastvold is working with her lawyer to determine whether there’s enough evidence to warrant asking a judge for a full recount.

EASTVOLD: “The idea here is that there’s one vote difference. We want to make sure that this is the intended result of a majority of the people who voted in this election. And if there’s evidence that that’s not the case then there needs to be a full recount. If not then I’m happy to say let’s move on – I’ll be involved in different ways.”

Eastvold says in part, the result of the initial recount of a few precincts is a good thing:

EASTVOLD: “I think this gives the average voter a great deal of confidence that the system’s working – at least in those machines in those precincts.”

Eastvold says her situation demonstrates the importance of voting in local elections.

About 13 percent of registered voters turned out in that subdistrict. Eastvold says she plans to concede if she finds no evidence to seek the full recount. She has about a month to do so if she chooses.