Durbin Votes 'No' On Two Trump Nominees

Feb 1, 2017

Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin on Wednesday voted against two of President Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees.

In the morning, Durbin and all Democrats on the Judiciary Committee voted against attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions.

It came days after Trump fired the acting attorney general for refusing to enforce the president’s order on refugees and immigration.

"This is a constitutional moment, and a challenge to us to envision what the next attorney general will be facing in the remaining three years and 11 months with this president," Durbin said.

The Washington Post reported that several Trump officials responsible for writing and implementing the ban have deep ties to Sessions.

"To suggest that he did not have influence or impact on the issuance of these orders is misleading," Durbin said.

Later in the day, Durbin voted against secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson, the former ExxonMobil executive.

Neither vote changed the outcome: the Judiciary Committee sent Sessions’ AG nomination to the full Senate and the full Senate confirmed Tillerson as secretary of state.