Donations Still Sought For Manchester Murder Victims’ Family

May 3, 2013

 The funerals for five people murdered last week in Manchester are over, but donations are still being sought to offset those costs.

The victims were five family members, including two small children. Services took place at the Mackey Daws Funeral Home in the town of Roodhouse. Justin Daws is the funeral director there. He says the burials also occurred this week – though payments have yet to be made. Daws says the area in west central Illinois is tight-knit and he will wait indefinitely for funds from the victim’s family to come in:

DAWS: “I know the family real well – good people. And we’re just a small community so I trust them with everything and anyway, we discussed that we’d just try to get through this as a family.”

Donations for funeral and burial costs are being accepted by the Peoples Bank & Trust in the town of White Hall. The bank is not saying how much money has yet come in. A young girl was also injured in the Manchester attack, but survived. The alleged shooter was killed later in an altercation with police.