Division Over Presidential Election Evident At Springfield Public Radio Viewing Party

Nov 9, 2016

As of about 9:30 Tuesday night, many who had gathered at the Corner Pub & Grill in Springfield seemed to believe Hillary Clinton could still pull ahead by gaining more electoral votes than Donald Trump was racking up. For those hoping for that outcome, it was wishful thinking.


However Springfield resident, Nancy - who didn't want her last name used - was in high spirits as a Trump supporter. She says she's been ostracized by family and friends because of her chosen candidate. Nancy says she voted for Obama the last two elections before this, but with Trump, she likes: "How he says it as it is, he's not afraid to be outspoken and be politically incorrect." She says she's hoping for more unity now. "I think people want to come together, I mean I really do."

Edna & Alfred

Edna Canas is a Mexican-American who voted for Clinton. She says she's felt personally insulted and attacked by Trump: "As an educated minority (and) veteran, Trump doesn't speak for me." Listen to more of what Canas and her friend Alfred Gakuna, an immigrant from Kenya, had to say about their feelings on the election: