District 186 Still Negotiating With Gill

Jan 7, 2014

Jennifer Gill

Jennifer Gill was chosen as the new superintendent for Springfield District 186 after a months-long search. But negotiations have yet to be finalized.   Gill, who currently works for McLean County schools, says the holidays slowed talks, but expects a contract will get done.

"I’m extremely hopeful about this district," she said. "I think we heard about a lot of growth and the wonderful direction the district is headed after Bob Leming who’s a wonderful educator and leader. And so I hope to just carry on that spirit - really focus on student achievement at all the levels. I’m happy and hopeful for what’s to come."

One of Gill’s first challenges will be dealing with a five million dollar budget deficit for the coming school year.  Lay-offs and school closures are a possibility.  

No start date for Gill has been set.   The school board this week to fill the job on another temporary basis. Bob Hill is a former superintendent who will take over for Bob Leming, who is retiring after leading the district for about half a year while a hiring search was underway.