Democrats Ask Republicans: "Where's Your Budget Plan?"

May 15, 2014

Credit Brian Mackey / NPR Illinois

Republicans are not happy with the budget pushed through the Illinois House Thursday by Democrats. But Democrats counter that Republicans aren't offering any proposals of their own.

House Republicans denounced Democrats for passing an out-of-balance budget that relies on a tax increase.

Democrats, however, say Republicans only want to criticize, and haven't put forth a plan of their own.

Representative Jay Hoffman (D-Swansea) says he searched for the Republican budget everywhere. He even asked his dog.

"And I said, 'Willie, did you eat the Republicans' plan?' But he wouldn't do that to you, he's a good dog, he would never eat your plan," he said. "You know what your plan is? Your plan is to not have a plan."

Democrats are also attacking another Republican for not having a budget plan: gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner. The campaign to reelect Gov. Pat Quinn says Rauner's been running without a plan for 438 days, and counting.

Rauner has promised a "comprehensive" plan is coming, but he refuses to say when -- and it hasn't happened yet.

Rep. Jay Hoffman, D- Swansea