Danville Mayor Wants Gaming Expansion

Apr 29, 2015

The mayor of the East Central Illinois town Danville is still hoping to cash in on bringing a casino to the city.

Mayor Scott Eisenhauer says he's talked about gaming expansion with Gov. Bruce Rauner.

"We're very hopeful as we go through this legislative session that as they start talking about alternatives to reductions, and look at revenue opportunities, the gaming expansion bill including Danville will be one of those," Eisenhauer said.

A plan that's long been circulating in the General Assembly would put five new casinos in Illinois: one for Danville; the others in Chicago, the south suburbs, Lake County and Rockford.

Rauner appears open to the concept, though he's repeatedly said he's not willing to talk about bringing more money into state coffers until government's restructured. For Rauner, that means limiting the strength of unions, cutting business costs, and setting term limits for legislators.