CV - Elizabeth Ross Wake | Are You Paying to Perpetuate Poverty?

Apr 13, 2021

Originally aired April 6, 2021.

TEDxUofISpringfield talk from Elizabeth Ross Wake -- Are You Paying to Perpetuate Poverty?

Elizabeth Ross Wake is a full time UIS graduate student in the Public Administration program with a part time Graduate Public Service Internship at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency office of Community Relations. She is proud to take the next career steps after 10 years of public service through various nonprofits. Elizabeth has served as an AmeriCorps volunteer, led after school garden club programs, directed summer farm camp programs, and taught sustainable agriculture and ESL in El Salvador. Through her studies, work, and short-term volunteerism in Thailand, Kenya, Costa Rica, Mexico, and El Salvador, Elizabeth's personal views on poverty relief, development work, and charity have evolved significantly. While she knows it is an uphill battle to change mindsets, she believes the fight is worth developing a more just approach to poverty eradication.