"Curb Your Car" Next Week

May 16, 2014

Credit Tejvan Pettinger/flickr

The Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission wants you to leave the car at home next week.  Instead, think about biking, walking, running or using the bus.  

Curb Your Car Week begins Monday and several business are offering incentives. There is also a group ride from Washington Park on Wednesday morning, May 21.  A night ride that goes through downtown is on Saturday May 24.

Michael Higgins is one of the organizers.  He's also the Chef and Owner of Maldaner's Restaurant.  He says Springfield has been criticized for not being "bike friendly."  But Higgins believes improvements are being made. He points to new bike lanes being added on several streets.

"They are moving faster than we thought they would move. So credit to (city government)," he said.

This is the 7th Annual Curb Your Car Week.