Congressman Davis Supports Youngest Illinois Lawmaker

Feb 20, 2015

Avery Bourne, a Republican from Pawnee, is the youngest legislator at 22 years old.
Credit Illinois General Assembly

Republicans' choice of a 22 year old to take over a vacated seat in the Illinois House of Representatives has some wondering how she'll handle the responsibility.

Representative Avery Bourne is the youngest lawmaker to serve in the legislature. Bourne was going to law school at Washington University in St. Louis before the GOP county chairmen in central Illinois chose her to fill an empty seat in the House. She will take a leave of absence from school.

Bourne has never run for public office, but she has interned for political campaigns, including Congressman Rodney Davis' campaign. Davis says he is confident in her nomination.

"She was somebody who, at a young age, was very well-versed, very mature in her decision making, and somebody who I'm going to be very excited to work with as a state legislator," Davis said.

Bourne also interned for Bruce Rauner’s campaign for governor.