Community Voices: 'Muni Incredibles' Inspires Young Actors

Aug 7, 2018

The Springfield Muni Opera holds special auditions for children every year to fill a handful of roles in their summer lineup of shows. 

The auditions bring out hundreds of kids, but former Muni president and current board member Mac Warren says the auditions always end with the "especially gut-wrenching" process of choosing who will and will not be cast. 

Last year, the "Muni Trolls" program, named after the popular movie, opened the door for young thespians to explore the world of theater even if they hadn't been cast in one of the four main shows.

The program taught children the history of the Muni and gave them a chance to perform during the intermission of one of the larger shows. 

This year, the program has expanded as the "Muni Incredibles" and now includes an hour-long production at the end of the Muni season. The show is a revue-style performance featuring song and dance numbers as well as more traditional theater scenes. 

Find more information about the "Muni Incredibles" here