Community Voices: Mamma Mia is "ABBA-solutely Perfect!"

Jul 5, 2018

Mamma Mia the story of a young girl who decides to invite her three potential fathers to her wedding in Greece. The setting of a beautiful Greek island is perfectly accented by an ABBA sountrack that's sure to have you singing along. 

"As a director, you have to ask the question at the very beginning 'What do you want the audience to experience while they're there?' and the answer to this is joy. It's pure joy." Said Director Leigh Steiner, "In this story...there is pain. There is loss that has occured and we really focused on diligently telling this story as it occured...When you tell the story, you experience this extraordinary joy and we hope the audience is dancing in the aisles at the end." 

Mamma Mia comes to the Legacy Theatre on July 6 and runs through July 29. 

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