Community Voices: 'Distant Thunder' Celebrates New Salem and Illinois

Jul 17, 2018

Written by Ken Bradbury and Robert Crowe, 'Distant Thunder' is the story of New Salem during Abraham Lincoln's days in the village; however, the show isn't just another Lincoln story. 

"Nothing against our 16th President, but in New Salem in those days, he wasn't the most interesting man in town!" Said writer Ken Bradbury, "Distant Thunder is a fun explanation of how Lincoln became Lincoln while he was in New Salem." 

The show is not so much about Licoln, but about those around him. The story is told by Thomas Reep, a man assigned to do research on New Salem who ends up absorbed in the lives of those who once lived there. 

"Thomas Reep was an interesting individual." Said Jim Yale who plays Reep in the show, "He was born roughly 40 years after the town of New Salem died out and one of the quotes from the show is that he 'went looking for a President and ran into something else.'" 

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