Chicano Artist Exhibit & 'Mexican Mural Movement' Lecture

Sep 16, 2015

Eric Garcia puts up a mural

Chicano culture is the inspiration for much art, be it musical, literary, or visual. Eric Garcia has been drawing from his roots as an artist who often addresses stereotypes about Mexican-Americans and a largely forgotten history of colonization. His works span from murals to sculpture, and he is an expert in the Mexican muralism movement. He comes to Springfield on Monday, Sept. 21st to talk about that and to open an exhibit of his own work.

Garcia joined me for this interview.


Eric Garcia will be at UIS this coming Monday (Stp. 21st) for a Speaker Series event starting at 6pm, called 'Mexican Muralists: Public Art for Social Transformation.' It's part of the Political Art and the Public Sphere series. Garcia's work will also be on display at the UIS Visual Arts Gallery. The opening reception coincides with his discussion/lecture. Info here.