Cancer Services Could See Cuts

May 11, 2015

Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago) talks about possible funding cuts.
Credit Lisa Ryan/WUIS

The Illinois Cancer Action Network is calling attention to breast and cervical cancer screenings, especially as some of those programs face cuts.

The governor's proposed budget would reduce funding for breast and cervical cancer screenings by 71 percent. Democratic Rep. Mike Smiddy of Hillsdale is opposed. He says his wife is a cancer survivor, and without early screening his children might not have a mother.

"We need these types of services to ensure that women in Illinois have proper screenings, and it's not only saving lives, but it is also reducing the cost of the treatments," he said.

A spokeswoman from the Cancer Action Network says about half the number of women would be screened if the funding cuts go into effect. The proposed budget also includes cuts to chemotherapy treatment for uninsured women.