Business Group Loosening Stance on Service Tax

Jan 19, 2015

Todd Maisch
Credit Il Chamber

  A leading business group is hinting that it could loosen  its stance on opposition to a service tax.

During the campaign, Governor Bruce Rauner proposed a tax on certain services as a possible way to raise money.   The state Chamber of Commerce is gauging its members on what they could support when it comes to revenue for the state.

"While we're very much opposed to a service tax, in isolation, we're certainly open to the discussion about a more comprehensive plan that does some good things to promote investment, then consequently might allow us to go ahead and loosen opinions in other places," said Chamber President Todd Maisch.

Maisch says they asked members if if they could support a service tax to go along with real reductions in state spending and pro business reforms.  Services that could be targeted range from haircuts to attorney's fees.

"Taxes are going to be a dominant issue for this year. We've got a current policy position, especially on the service tax that's very much opposed to it".

But Maisch said they want to know what Chamber members around the state share their views on what is expected to to be a very extensive discussion.