Art Exhibit: Pushmi-Pullyu

Oct 24, 2017

Together in this exhibit, named after a fictional two-headed animal, Kim Caisse and Kristin Diehl exhibit individual and collaborative pieces. Some collaborations are made with full intention and awareness of each other’s contributions, and some with an element of surprise. Kim and Kristin work in mixed media, sculpture, wood, fabric, contour line drawings, sculptural weavings and found objects.

Wednesday, November 8
5 - 7 PM
NPR Illinois Studios
One University Plaza
Springfield, IL 62703

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Kim Caisse


Kim Caisse works in mixed media sculpture using ceramic, wood, fabric, and found objects. This body of work began when she moved to Hannibal, Missouri in 2011. An homage to the beauty of the former industrial sites of Hannibal that are now returning to a wooded state, many of her pieces try to capture a sense of the presence of the life of the forest.

Kristin Diehl

Kristin Diehl explores both blind contour line drawings and sculptural weavings, letting the meandering of a single line bring about new form and beauty in two media that are very different in their final outcome.