Ameya Pawar Ends Campaign for Governor

Oct 13, 2017

Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar has dropped out of the Democratic primary for Illinois governor.

Pawar says he simply could not raise enough money to remain competitive. In a long email to supporters, he thanked them — and apologized for not being richer.

"I’m sorry for the people who have stood with me that I don’t have the extraordinary wealth or extraordinarily wealthy connections to make up the difference," he wrote.

He also noted that Illinois could be on its way to the most expensive gubernatorial campaign in American history.

"For democracy’s sake, I hope we see this as a troubling trend," Pawar wrote.

Those comments seemed to be aimed at Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrat J.B. Pritzker — men who’ve spent tens of millions of dollars of their own fortunes on their campaigns.

Pawar says he’s not yet endorsing any fellow Democrats.

His campaign focused on issues of racial and economic inequality — criticizing the war on drugs as “racist,” and calling for free tuition at state universities.