ACLU, Bishops Verbally Spar Over Abortion Proposal

Mar 28, 2019

Cardinal Blase Cupich and Illinois’ bishops gathered in Springfield today to oppose changes to the state’s abortion laws.

One proposal would require private insurance to cover abortion and would lift a ban on so-called partial birth abortion.

The cardinal says the same measure would remove a clause that allows health care professionals to refuse to perform abortions on religious or moral grounds.

“Does the state of Illinois want to become a place where people are forced to do things in the workplace against their deepest held beliefs?”

However, the ACLU of Illinois, which helped write the bill, said a current right of conscience law still protects those rights.

Ed Yonka, a spokesman for the ACLU, said,  “This really does continue a disturbing pattern wherein we’re beginning to see heated rhetoric and false claims to try to derail this legislation.

A spokesman for the Catholic Conference asked if the clause isn’t needed, why would it be removed from the new proposal?