100 Expressions: Erik Welch

Jun 5, 2017

Erik Welch, Springfield

Title: "Inter Sections"

Narrative: When change comes, we often resist, unsure how it will affect us. Instead of seeing this as shattering, these lines, drawn over many hours and days are meant to show depth and beauty. Sometimes we don’t know how things will turn at the beginning, but often there are clues if we look for the shape between the lines.

"The Crash Course" by Erik Welch

Erik Welch, Springfield

Title: "The Crash Course"

Narrative: It has been difficult to accept the changes that have taken place in our country since the election. As a wheelchair user, I often navigate space with efforts not to crash physically into surfaces. But hearing the constant stream of never-ending broadcast dialog has felt like a crash into politics and culture that are taking this country onto a new course, with a jarring impact. This can show many different facets to each individual.