100 Expressions: Eric Craddock and Kristin Diehl

May 22, 2017

We spoke with two artists to find out more about their works. The two are a couple who live in Springfield.

Listen to the interview - and find summaries of their work below.

Eric Craddock

Title: "Burn"

Medium: Photography

Narrative: The photograph is of a controlled burn that I assisted with. When considering the theme of this show, this photograph came to mind instantly. The chaos and the damage being done so quickly by "The Donald" and his administration is reminiscent of a forest fire quickly destroying the imperfect but ever-growing progress that was being cultivated here. Unpredictable, but without question destructive and primitive, difficult to watch but impossible to turn away.

"100 Trumps - Is this real life?" by Kristin Diehl and community members

Kristin Diehl, Springfield

Title: "100 Trumps - Is this real life?"

Narrative: "Hello! This is your art too! Please select a drawing and add your own reflection of Trump's first 100 days as our president. You can add color, doodles, poems, whatever you like. Just please keep in mind this is a family-friendly event. Have fun!"