100 Expressions: Dennis Darling

Jun 5, 2017

Dennis Darling, Springfield

Title: William Trump Fan

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Narrative: I was surprised and dismayed when I found out my friend was voting for Trump, but I still wanted to paint his portrait and, more importantly, he is still my friend.

"His Blood Shed for the 1%" by Dennis Darling

Dennis Darling, Springfield

Title: His Blood Shed for the 1%

Medium: Acrylic on existing print

Narrative: Seems that quit a few of these cheap and mass produced wall hangings from Hobby Lobby or Dollar General end up at Goodwill where scavengers like me might find them and be tempted to repurpose them into some other kind of message. The fancy boots reminded me somehow of Trump and Co. and how that whole wealth/poverty dynamic challenges our perception of ourselves as a compassionate people.