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Illinois State Rep. Headed To Inaugural

John Cabello
Illinois State Rep. John Cabello with President-Elect Donald Trump

A state representative, who co-chaired Donald Trump's campaign in Illinois, is going to Washington to see Donald Trump sworn in as president.

John Cabello says Trump's message of bringing back jobs resonated with him and apparently many others.  

Cabello is from the Rockford area.   He's also the only Hispanic Republican in the legislature. He says when it comes to issues like a wall on the Mexican border and deportation of those who have immigrated here illegally,  he realizes he's at odds with some others in the Hispanic community.

 "We can all have our own opinion.  We can all make our own decisions," Cabello said. "Should that come into breaking friendships?  I don't think so. I'm not going to break off relationships with friends I have who were supporting Hillary Clinton."


Cabello says he had a chance to meet one on one with Donald Trump and found him to be gracious and much different than his t-v persona.   

"He seems to be more interested in what's going on with you, which is a very nice characteristic of a person because far too often we only want to talk about ourselves," Cabello said. "He's a very nice, very principled man. And I hope one day everybody gets to see that." 

When it comes to some of the president-elect's controversial statements, Cabello is staying out of it:  "I'm not going to get into that game. I'm just going to go with the things I know he is going to change and say nobody's perfect.  You've got to pick which person you think is going to do the best job for the American people," he said. 

Hillary Clinton won the Illinois election.  But a breakdown of the numbers shows Trump took 91 of the state's 102 counties.

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