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"Loki" Head Writer Eric Martin Talks Season 2 with Beyond The Mouse!

The next episode of Beyond The Mouse is one for the history books...... but which history are we talking about exactly? We're jumping through time and timelines to talk to the Head Writer for the hit Marvel Cinematic Universe series Loki on Disney+, Eric Martin. Martin is known as a fantastic writer on Heels and fellow time travel adventure Rick and Morty.

In this interview we talk all things Loki Season 2. We ask the burning questions like how in the name of Miss Minutes is Loki time-traveling INSIDE the TVA? How did an Oscar-winner find his way into the cast and all of our hearts? Why are we designated the sacred and branch timelines? And MUCH MUCH MORE! This is a fantastic conversation with the man behind the story we're all obsessed with. Pull up some key-lime pie and enjoy this conversation with Eric Martin.

LOKI is available NOW on Disney+.

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Jeremy is the creator and Editor-In-Chief of the Front Row Network. He also hosts Network show "Are You Afraid of the Podcast?" with his wife Sara Baltusevich.
Craig is a Co-host of Beyond the Mouse, the Disney themed podcast from The Front Row Network. He is also Associate Editor-in-Chief of The Front Row Network. He began podcasting in 2015, and can be heard on over a hundred Front Row Network episodes.
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