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Front Row Classics welcomes Carla Valderrama to discuss 'This Was Hollywood'

'This Was Hollywood' with author, Carla Valderrama
Front Row Network
'This Was Hollywood' with author, Carla Valderrama

Front Row Classics welcomes author Carla Valderrama to the podcast this week. Carla's 2020 book, "This Was Hollywood: Forgotten Stars and Stories" takes a look at personalities and events that have been, mostly, lost to history. Brandon and Carla discuss such wide-ranging events as the first Oscars ceremony and the death of Rudolph Valentino. Personalities such as Gracie Allen and Vera-Ellen are also covered. The interview concludes with the heart-wrenching story of John Garfield and the House Un-American Activities Committee. Carla's passion for classic Hollywood is infectious and we look forward to our listeners hearing these stories.

"This Was Hollywood: Forgotten Stars and Stories" is available wherever books are sold from Turner Classic Movies and Running Press.

Carla Valderrama is an author, Hollywood historian, and the creator of the Instagram accounts @thiswashollywood and @thiswasfashion. "This Was Hollywood" is her first book. She lives in Los Angeles, where she can be seen wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and heard laughing anywhere within a five-mile radius.

Brandon Davis is the host of Classics and Zone-i-Sodes on the Front Row Network. A true fan of cinema history, Brandon holds the distinction of being the official film historian of the Network.
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