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Babylon 5 Podcasts gather to encourage CW to reboot 90's TV show

Grey 17 Podcast

Wow! Yesterday was a day no B5 fan will ever forget! To discuss #B5onCWin23, we gathered a group of amazing Babylon 5 podcasts! We hope you enjoy the first meeting (and hopefully not the last) of the League of Non-Aligned Podcasts!

If you have just started watching #Babylon5, have no fear! Our newbies are right there with you. If you have watched the series before, and you want to take a deeper dive, stay until the end when we go beyond the rim and talk spoilers for the entire show!


From Grey 17 - Scott, Blake, Mike, Emily, Jessi, Nicole, Andrew

From Babylon 5 for the First Time (https://www.babylon5first.com/) - Jeff and Brent

From Yum Yum Podcast (https://yum-yum-podcast.simplecast.com/) - Ryan

From Babylon Podcast (https://www.babylonpodcast.com/) - Summer and Tim

From Grey Sector Podcast (https://greysector.buzzsprout.com/) - Mike

From Who are You? Podcast (https://soundcloud.com/who-are-you-a-babylon-5-watchcast) - Laura and Xhafer

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