Rachel Lattimore

Former - Sponsorship Account Executive


Rachel’s professional experience includes marketing, advertising, and management in healthcare, media, and the nonprofit industry.   She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Communication from UIS. Her professional affiliations include Toastmasters, Association for Women in Communication (AWC), Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and Il Society of Association Executives (ISAE). She currently serves in a leadership capacity for these organizations and on the board of the Springfield Classical Guitar Society and the Sangamon Watercolor Society. Rachel was selected as the Public Citizen of the year in 2000 for her work with the homeless community.

Ways to Connect

NPR Illinois Advisory Board Meeting
March 10, 2016


  • Chuck Scholz, Chair 
  • Deanie Brown
  • Sean Crawford
  • Jamey Dunn
  • Kathleen Dunn
  • Randy Eccles
  • Bethany Jaeger
  • Rachel Lattimore
  • David Racine
  • Kent Redfield
  • Dick Schuldt
  • Karen Witter



ATTENDANCE:  Mary Sue Barrett, Bethany Jaeger, Dave Kohn, Diane Lopez Hughes, Karen Witter, Eric Hadley Ives, Lawrence Msall, Corrine Wood, Cindy Canary
Ex-Officio:  Sean Crawford, Jamey Dunn, Randy Eccles, Rachel Lattimore, David Racine
Phone:  Kathleen Dunn, Kent Redfield, Dick Schuldt, Alysia Tate, Jay Travis, 

Welcome:  Randy Eccles welcomed the board.  Roll call was completed.

This meeting was held as a conference call when many members couldn't make it to the meeting in Chicago.  The change to a call was promoted on this site.  No members of the public attended.

Forest Park at Dusk
Rachel Lattimore

This was painted as part of a plein air (painting outside in the light of day) event called "Paint St. Louis." All the participating artists had two hours to set up and paint their location scene. I set up in Forest Park not far from the art museum - it was a cold fall day but a "warm" experience as I was surrounded by 70 other artists. It's always a challenge to paint quickly and capture the scene - every time I see this painting, I remember what a beautiful day it was and how much fun it is to paint with other artists.




27 x 27



Dec 18, 2014
Poofed by Rachel Lattimore
Rachel Lattimore

"This is a self-portrait done while in Missouri with artist friends – painting in a plein air event in “wine country.” Of course there is a long story that goes with this painting, too long to describe here!" - Rachel


18 x 20



The Eyes Have It

Dec 18, 2014
The Eyes Have It by Rachel Lattimore
Rachel Lattimore

"This is a portrait of my daughter Tori. She was a model for an artist group – you will also find a portrait of her done by Bill Abler (professor in the UIS HDC Program) in the WUIS Art Gallery!" - Rachel


27 x 21