Madelyn Moore


Madelyn Moore is a sixth grader at Glenwood Intermediate School. She lives in Springfield Illinois. She loves to read and write. She loves reporting on music and current events.

Madelyn Moore interviewing James Bengfort
Chloe Bellot / NPR Illinois

Hello, I am Madelyn Moore for the 2019 Illinois Podcamp. 

The world of journalism is constantly changing, and is extremely competitive. Even within the Springfield area, there are numerous outlets competing for people’s attention. The Illinois Times has carved out a distinct place within that landscape. I had a chance to talk with the Associate Publisher of the Illinois Times and Springfield Business Journal, James Bengfort. James got a degree in marketing which he uses in his work as publisher. He loved the capital city and searched for an opportunity to return after working for the Oklahoma Gazette.

Madelyn Moore interviews Lisa Clemmons Stott at UIS.
Katie Buck / NPR Illinois 91.9 UIS

Hello, I’m Madelyn Moore for the 2018 NPR Illinois PodCamp.

Lisa Clemmons Stott of Downtown Springfield Incorporated enjoys bringing the historical aspects of the city to life.