Brandon Smith

Coordinator - Civic Education

Brandon Smith works as coordinator of civic education projects.  Brandon earned his B.S. in economics from UIUC in 2018 and is pursuing his MPA  at UIS.  He worked at UIUC’s main and law libraries along with the Hazel Crest public works department.​ He was born in Chicago, Illinois and was raised in Hazel Crest, IL.

Brandon is also a close follower of NPR Music and the Tiny Desk series.

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The US Justice System has always hung its hat on the correctional services that it provides to individuals who are indicted. However, one area that has never received the proper attention is what exactly happens to felons that have already been processed and paid their debt to society. 

Vinyl prominently displayed in the new Dumb Records location.
Brandon Smith / NPR Illinois

Music streaming (both subscription-based and ad-supported) accounted for 75% of music revenue during 2018.With this increase in music streaming, physical albums sales have experienced a sharp decline during this period. Physical as well as digital album sales now account for less than 20% of album sales with track sales accounting for 6% of music revenue. During this decline we have witnessed a surprising increase in one area. That would be the sale of vinyl records.