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Statewide: Using street outreach to curb gun violence

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The City of Chicago has pumped millions of dollars into what's known as street outreach, an effort focused on reducing gun violence. But with gun crimes skyrocketing, has it worked?

We also look at the health conditions inside meatpacking plants, where COVID outbreaks have been deadly.

Those stories and more on this week's Statewide.

* Dave McKinney examines the geographic political divide in Illinois.

* Patrick Smith of WBEZ speaks with a Northwestern University professor about street outreach in Chicago.

*Natalie Krebs reports many are calling for change inside meatpacking plants after numerous COVID outbreaks.

* Our reporting continues on how these facilities employ large numbers of immigrants, who lack protections.

* Shahla Farzan tells us about research into tick-borne illnesses.

* Carter Barrett with Side Effects Public Media details how a community is taking an approach called para-medicine to reduce the need for emergency services.

* Peter Medlin has more on the difficulties facing school nurses.

* Tim Shelley with WCBU finds out how 3-D modeling is helping with complex surgeries.

* Vivian La with the Illinois Newsroom discusses the fully Free campaign to end what it calls permanent punishments for those convicted of felonies.

* Herb Trix has the latest word and phrase banishment list from the English Department at Lake Superior State University.

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