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Statewide: Meatpacking employees struggle to feed their families

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The arrival of a meatpacking plant in one Midwest community brought jobs and development. But it has also strained the social safety net. The local food pantry says half of its clients are plant employees. We take a closer look at the town's growing pains.

We also tell you about a new tool to determine what's in your tap water? Those stories and more on this week's Statewide.

* Rich Egger with TriStates Public Radio reports on Amtrak celebrating a half century of service to western Illinois.

* Patrick Smith interviews Chris Patterson, the head of the state's new Office of Firearm Violence Prevention.

* Caroline Kubzansky explains how Illinois is closer to once again licensing midwives.

* WNIJ's Yvonne Boose takes us to a music festival where haiku verses mixed with melodies.

* Dana Cronin of Illinois Newsroom interviews scientist Tasha Stoiber about the new Tap Water Database.

* Side Effects Public Media's Carter Barrett has details on how one community is trying a new approach to emergency medical services.

* St. Louis Public Radio's Shahla Farzan reports on research into tick-borne illnesses.

* Peter Medlin bring us the story of how many schools are struggling to find enough nurses.

* David Condos with the Kansas News Service explains how a town with a meatpacking plant has seen prosperity, but it remains uneven.

* Tim Shelley of WCBU speaks with Illinois State Museum Director Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko about a decision to temporarily halt some exhibits at Dickson Mounds.

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