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Statewide: Parental notification of abortion; What survived the Great Chicago Fire?

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Illinois is considered one of the most progressive states in the nation when it comes to abortion laws. But it still requires a parent or guardian to be informed before a minor can can have the procedure. That could soon change. The issue is expected to be debated this month.

And it was 150 years ago this month the Great Chicago Fire erupted in the city. But not everything was destroyed. We'll learn more about what survived.

Those stories and more on this episode of Statewide.

This week:

* Maureen McKinney hears from opponents and supporters of parental notification before abortion.

* WCBU's Jody Holtz talks with a farmer about climate change and how small growers are impacted.

* Katie Peikes has the story of bringing a farm to school.

* Susie An explains how a return to the classroom has resulted in some students behaving badly.

* Natalie Krebs of Side Effects Public Media has more on how the latest surge in COVID cases is impacting one Midwest hospital.

* Caroline Kubzansky reports on what's needed for Illinois to get one million electric vehicles on the road.

* Harvest Public Media's Seth Bodine brings us details on how a rise in marijuana production is straining some rural utilities.

* WBEZ details the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and structures that survived the conflagration.

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