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Statewide: What's Next For Illinois' Marijuana Industry?


It has been a year since Illinois legalized recreational adult use cannabis.  And despite the pandemic, marijuana sales beat expectations.  We'll hear from a reporter who covers the industry about where it goes from here.

We'll also learn about a mental health crisis clinic in central Illinois.  

That and more on this episode of Statewide.

Our lineup:

* Jennifer Fuller with WSIU interviews author Laurent Prenot about his book that chrionicles how many Illinois communities got their names. 

*JuanPablo Ramirez Franco visits with some Byron residents to get their reaction  to news a nuclear generating station in the town has been targeted for closure.

* Sean Crawford talks with Sherry Barr, widow of the late Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr.  She's made it her mission to raise awareness about the condition that took his life.

* Christine Herman talks with Memorial Behavioral Health President Diana Knaebe about a mental health crisis clinic created in the fall.

* Dana Cronin vists with Alexandra Sossa with the Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project that provides resources to low incom immigrant families.

* Maureen McKinney interviews Chicago Tribune reporter Bob McCoppin aboutthe marijuana industry in Illinois. 

* Jamey Dunn speaks with author Tara McClellan McAndrew about Illinois' often unknown history of slavery.  

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