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Statewide: Small Town Theatre Restoration; Women See Opportunities In Trucking

On this episode of Statewide, many communities have seen the value of keeping and restoring their older theatres.  We take a trip to one town where the theatre is making new memories.  

We chat with Charlie Wheeler, the longtime journalist and professor who recently retired, for his views on statehouse reporting. 

And we learn why some women are turning to truck driving as a career.   That and more this week. 

Our lineup: 

* Brian Mackey talks with Professor Charlie Wheeler, who recently retired after more than 50 years spent in reporting and training journalists.  Charlie gives his thoughts on the past, present and future of statehouse reporting.

* Rich Egger of TriStates Public Radio reports on the importance of a new weather tool on the Western Illinois University campus in Macomb. 

* Guy Stephens of WNIJ details an exhibit that examines war through the eyes of artists.

* Jon Norton of WGLT introduces us to women who have decided to climb behind the wheel of the big rigs and enter the world of trucking.  

* Jim Meadows takes us to the Lorraine Theatre in Hoopeston, in east-central Illinois.  The theatre has been renovated and remains a key part of the community.

* Christina Stella with Harvest Public Media reports on a waste problem with wind energy - what to do with the retired wind turbines. 

* Shahla Farzan with St. Louis Public Radio tags along on a hunt for the elusive copperhead snake.

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