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Springfield Video Gaming Restrictions In Place, City Delays Ward Map Vote


Those applying for video gaming licenses in the city will have deal with new parameters set up by the Springfield council.

Aldermen approved a measure that requires establishments with video gaming have to earn a least 60 percent of their revenue from food and beverage sales. 

Ward 6 alderman Cory Jobe says he’s hopeful no additional ordinances regulating video gaming will be needed.

“But if it is, we’ll push it forward.  I mean it’s baby steps, this is something new. This wasn’t created overnight, but I think this is a good first step in really getting a handle on things,” Jobe said.

The new ordinance limits new licensees to five video gaming machines.

In other council news, changes to the ward maps for the Springfield City Council will be delayed for another two weeks.

Ward Four Alderman Frank Lesko held the ordinance in committee to give the council extra time, saying he had concerns about the layout.

Following each census, the council has to redraw boundary lines of the city’s 10 wards.  A consent decree that governs city operations requires each ward to have roughly the same population and at least one composed of at least 60 percent black residents.

After the meeting, Lesko said there were issues that aldermen raised that he wants to see addressed.

“Well, I just want to see 100 percent of the aldermen happy, if that’s possible.  I know that there still were some concerns out there so I’d like to see us move forward with everybody in agreement and be a positive map for the community,” Lesko said.

The city has until August to approve a map.  That will give candidates for next year's elections time to circulate petitions in the new wards. 

Lee Strubinger completed the University of Illinois Springfield's Public Affairs Reporting graduate program and is currently in Colorado.
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