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Could This Idea Prevent The Spread Of Asian Carp?

Cory Suski

In a small pond in Wisconsin,  a recent study took place that could have some big implications when it comes to the spread of Asian Carp.  
The invasive species threatens to take over waterways, like the Great Lakes. It's already become a major problem in the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers and elsewhere.  

Researchers have been looking at how pumping carbon dioxide into the water can cause fish to avoid those areas.  It acts as a barrier, likely because fish view the water as less healthy.  
And yet, researchers don't believe there would be long term negative effects on native species.  
The latest studyused a small pond in Wisconsin to monitor fish reaction.  The next step is to try it on a larger scale.  

Associate Professor Cory Suski of the University of Illinois says if results continue to be positive, the process of using CO2 as a fish barrier could be utilized on waterways within 5 years.


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