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Search Is On For Pre-Civil War Farmhouses in Sangamon County

Matt Turner/flickr

How many are there?  Chuck Pell says maybe 20 or more.

He's the Chairman of the Sangamon County Historic Preservation Commission.  The group has teamed up with the county's Farm Bureau to find out more about the long standing structures.

"I am confident many of these we will learn about are those type of families where they are fairly confident of their history of the last 150 to 200 years," Pell said.  He points out the homes don't need to be a current residence. 

If you are unsure of the actual age of the building, , the preservationists will help try to determine it.

A certificate for the oldest farmhouse in each township and a plaque for the oldest in the county overall will be given, likely in the spring.

If you think you have such a home that pre-dates the War Between The States, you can find a form to submit here.

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