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Killeen: U of I Is "Fiscally Prudent"

Timothy Killeen headshot
University of Illinois System

University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen says he agrees with some of the concerns about excessive spending at public universities raised by an aide to Governor Bruce Rauner.

Killeen was among those to respond last week to the memo from Deputy Chief of Staff Richard Goldberg.

Killeen says the university has taken steps to enhance the experience for the student… including an administrative hiring freeze on the administration, and other measures to make sure the U of I is ‘fiscally prudent.’

KILLEEN: “We’ll be very transparent about that, as these things happen, and we’re moving towards a new website that will have a lot of metrics available so people can see these things.  So, yes, of course, I’ve read the memo, and appreciate the content and input of it.”

Goldberg cited a number of bonuses that come with executive compensation at the universities, higher pension costs, the use of private jets at Southern Illinois University, and so-called ‘golden parachutes’ that have been given to administrators, even when they’re forced to step down.

Last August, U of I Trustees reversed course… and rescinded a 400-thousand dollar bonus for former Urbana chancellor Phyllis Wise upon her resignation, after criticism from Governor Rauner and other officials.

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