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Students Showcase Their Work At UIS Symposium


The University of Illinois Springfield campus will give examples of what students have been up to at the upcoming  Student Arts and Research Symposium (StARS).  

From research to art projects, it's all on display. 

"It's an extremely supportive environment," said senior Brianna Werner.  "Both from faculty and other students.  Students come and do class projects at the (symposium). They'll take pictures with you. Take pictures of your posters."

Werner will display her study titled "Veteran and Non-Veteran College Student Perceptions and Experiences."  Speaking to both groups,  she found veterans pointed out resources lacking.  At UIS, they pointed out the need for a student veteran's group.  Others called for needing help with financial aid.

Erich O'Connor started Uproot as a class project.  It's an online literary journal that has already finished one issue. 

"We have quite a few well known poets in the first edition as well as quite a few poets that have hardly been published.  It's a pretty even mix," he said. 

Freshman Alaina Beaird researched "Femine Social Reform in Uncle Tom's Cabin."  She said the book is known for abolitionist position, but points out Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the book primarily to motivate  a white, female audience.

"It's really a revolutionary idea she had going in the novel that most people don't recognize," Beaird said.

The UIS Student Arts and Research Symposium is Thursday evening April 10 and Friday April 11 on campus. 

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